The restaurants listed are of those known up to 1978. If you know of any
which are not listed, please make the webmaster aware of them.

Also, any photos (during or after operations), memorabilia, stories, etc.
are always welcomed and encouraged.

Please send info to


    Research To Begin       Building Still Present     *   Not Listed In 1978 Directory
    Research Has Begun       Building No Longer Present          
    Chattanooga     3907 Brainerd Road
    Clarksville     644 Riverside Drive
    Cleveland     1999 Kieth Street
    Jackson     2219 Hollywood Drive
    Marysville     501 Cusick Street
    Memphis     1780 Winchester Road
    Memphis     4139 Winchester Road
    Memphis     5050 Summer Avenue
    Memphis     6690 Poplar Avenue
    Millington     4811 Navy Road
    Murfreesboro     1290 N.W. Broad Street
    Nashville     2304 Brick Church Pike
    Oakridge     1150 Oakridge Turnpike
    Red Bank     4103 Dayton Boulevard


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